Enjoy a complete 7 course Italian dinner with dramatic elements in the comfort of your home.

Relax, sit back and watch as your home becomes the stage.

Dinner parties with your friends and family.

Chef/entrepreneur Robert Gaglio is famed for his culinary tours of Italy. His latest venture brings it all back home with a dramatic twist—an innovative catering company called Ciao Bella Productions. “A great meal is always a performance in itself,” he says. “We add an actual dramatic element so that your home becomes the stage for a culinary epic featuring great food and performance.” Inspired by John F. Mariani’s “How Italian Food Conquered the World,” Gaglio and his team stage a seven-course, gourmet meal that turns the book’s food-for-thought into an actual feast.

“Between courses, I narrate the author’s theory of why Italian food became so popular and tell stories of each dish’s origins,” he says. “We punctuate the experience with a singer who performs excerpts from opera, movie themes and popular songs.” One song is a moving Italian translation of “My Heart Will Go On”—the “Titanic” theme and a nod to the million of southern Italian immigrants who changed the way America eats. “My parents were among them,” he notes. “For me this is very personal.”

Dinner Highlights

  • Authentic & delicious seven course feast
  • Historical narrations about Italian cooking
  • Stories from the book and about the origins of the various dishes
  • Singer performs excerpts from opera, movie themes and popular songs
  • Private chef complete with serving staff
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