About me, and Italian Culinary Tours.

Hello, my name is Robert Gaglio. Italian Culinary Tours is my endeavor to share with others my passion for good food and obsession with the culinary experience of cooking in the diverse regions of Italy. The goal is to get a deep cultural experience at a slower, but observant pace and enjoy the countryside as well as experience the various tourist sites during your visit.

To truly understand Italian cuisine, one must understand there is no such thing as Italian cuisine. The food of Italy encompasses the culinary traditions of the whole of Italy–a country diverse in landscape, climate and traditions, but blessed with a wonderful array of ingredients and a people imaginative enough to make the most of them.

The recipes featured on this tour range from the hearty fare of the south, through the classic cuisine of the center, to the delicate and refined dishes that emanate from the northern regions. All will give our guests the experience of understanding just how food is connected to the places from which they were originated. All are authentic; all are distinctively and unmistakably Italian. The food is uncontrived but delicious; fresh and full-flavored. Guests are welcome to observe and even get their hands messy learning how to make pasta or biscotti which will be enjoyed at the dinner table.

My philosophy for successful cooking is simple:

Begin with ingredients of the highest quality and prepare them sensitively.

While you enjoy your seven night stay in a classic farm house villa in the countryside, we have planned for you a week of tours. You will visit some of the most renowned Italian vineyards, or spend a day in the city of Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, or discover the ancient world in the hills of Sicily, depending on which tour you have selected.

Your trip of a life time is ready for you to experience. We have made it simple, all you need to do is tell us where to pick you up. We have planned the rest. What I have learned over the last 50 years about my culture is food; the experience of gathering, preparing, cooking and eating is love. That is what I hope you will experience on your Italian Culinary Tour as my guest.

Robert M. Gaglio

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